Case studies

The Global Justice Foundation has facilitated research into an international corruption scandal on a scale unheard of in the Middle East.

The case studies expose economic crimes perpetrated over a decade, including documentary evidence of blackmail, bribery, forgery, fraud, the misappropriation of assets valued in the billions, threats to court-appointed experts, and attempts to illegitimately influence the judiciary.

GJF aims to provide think tanks, media channels and independent investigative journalists the tools they need to help shed light on white-collar fraud. Also, to focus on the abuse of power, whether intra-organizationally or between duplicitous business people and complicit officials. GJF supports the efforts of governments and companies with compliance measures designed to eradicate corrupt. So that it could conduct that can undermine the rights of individuals and groups as well as a nation’s overall socioeconomic development.

Moreover, the Global Justice Foundation (GJF) is a not-for-profit organization focus on promoting justice, integrity and find case studies of corruption