Ken Starr Helps Launch New Group that will Seek Justice

Ken Starr Helps Launch New Group that will Seek Justice

  • May 17, 2019
Starr Helps Launch New Group ( Global Justice Foundation ) that will Seek Justice Raise Awareness for Victims

Washington, DC — On Thursday, May 16, international businessman Omar Ayesh officially launched the Global Justice Foundation (GJF) alongside the foundation’s legal counsel, former U.S. Solicitor General, Appeals Court Judge and Special Prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr, the foundation’s senior advisor, journalist John Fund, and chair of the foundation’s board, former Federal Prosecutor Sydney Powell.

The foundation’s volunteer board members include former U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 8th congressional district in Northern Virginia, James Patrick Moran Jr., former chairman of the Republican National Committee and former Lt. Governor of Maryland, Michael Stephen Steele, President & CEO of LabMD, Michael J. Daugherty, Sydney Powell, and Mr. Ayesh.

The panel discussion at the National Press Club explored concerns of corruption in other countries and how it harms commerce and featured the largest case of real estate fraud in the history of the Middle East perpetrated by a powerful Saudi Arabia MBS Cabinet Minister Ahmed AlRajhi in which Mr. Ayesh has sought justice for more than 11 years in the UAE legal system, valued at over USD1.25 billion by the Dubai court.

“The Foundation does not stand alone. Increasingly across the world, there are foundations and institutes that are beginning to speak out and they are network affects speaking with another.  The lights are being turned on around the world the darkness is being eliminated. The light being shined and therefore the press. Let’s eliminate the darkness and seek justice,” said Mr. Starr, who will serve as volunteer legal counsel for cases taken by the foundation.

GJF Mission: Anti-Corruption around the world

“No one is above the law which is easy to say and hard to achieve. Especially when you have power. And you have the power to order the transcending of the law,” stated Mr. Starr.  “Omar’s saga of being in court for 11 years. There needs to be an avenue where disputes commercial and otherwise can be quickly and fairly addressed. The role of the justice system is to achieve justice…in every country there is a justice function.
“My case is similar to other cases which will be taken by the Global Justice Foundation,” said Mr. Ayesh.  “Our mission at the Global Justice Foundation is to shine the light, raise awareness and educate people about different cases so they know how to avoid becoming victims.  It is the most important is to send a clear message that whenever there are a case and evidence of corruption, we will do all the investigation and shine the light on corruption.”
“This organization comes in a particularly appropriate time in both the economic and political world situation we have. No one is above the law, and people must honor contract and agreements with fair and equitable standards attached,” said John Fund.

“It was my honor to be part of GJF Foundation. Now we want to help push criminal justice reform worldwide. Also, We have a huge problem worldwide; business requires certainty within which to opera. If Dubai wants to be the financial capital of the Middle East, it has to create a legal system that pays more than lip service to the rule of law. It has to actually enforce the rule of law,” said Sidney Powell, Former Federal Prosecutor.

The Global Justice Foundation: Tameer Case

Countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar are eager to showcase modernization and forward-thinking, in order to, attract business and investments to their countries.

Global Justice Foundation aims to help those victims to seek justice and shine the light of truth. Hence, The Foundation will undertake research into corruption and white-collar crimes internationally. Currently, the foundation is investigating the case of UAE based Tameer Holding including documentary evidence of blackmail, bribery, forgery, fraud, and misappropriation of assets valued in the billions. Moreover, it includes threats to court-appointed experts and attempts to illegitimately influence the judiciary. Here, you can watch online briefer about  the case :

Global Justice Foundation GJF: Board of Directors

Global Justice Foundation (GJF) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of integrity, transparency and ethical commercial practices around the world. Also, GJF is governed by a Board of Directors, Former Democratic Congressman Jim Moran, Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell, Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, Lab MD President and CEO Michael Daugherty, and Nobles Investments’ President and Omar Ayesh who serves as Chairman.

In addition, Journalists interested in business or investigative journalism are welcomed to contact the foundation for its case studies in relation to billions of dollars in fraud committed by Minister Ahmed Alrajhi against hundreds of victims.