Omar Ayesh

Omar J. Ayesh is Chairman of Nobles Holding, an investment company that owns an international property development arm and an online, automotive trading platform.  Moreover, his philanthropic interests include micro-finance, scholarships, healthcare for the underprivileged as well as housing and refugee assistance. Recently, Omar Ayesh established The Global Justice Foundation to help raise awareness about victims of white-collar fraud.

Ayesh’s commitment to fair governance stems from his own lengthy legal battle after being defrauded of billions of dollars alongside hundreds of other victims. Throughout the proceedings which lasted over a decade, evidence accrued of fraud, racketeering, threatening, misappropriation of assets, and fiduciary misconduct enacted without fear of recrimination. Despite presenting sufficient evidence of fraud, to date, neither Omar Ayesh nor the rest of the victims were able to get their rights due to bullying and political influence on court procedures.

Ayesh believes the remedy to systematic manipulation is the pursuit of the truth through credible journalism. Also, he believes that using media channels to bypass complicit individuals who undermine local and global anti-corruption efforts.  Ayesh funded the Foundation’s establishment. But he sought a volunteer Board to evaluate the merits of each case and grant the funds necessary to pursue impartial investigations.

Omer Ayesh عمر جمال عايش